Rajanaa Wood

Rajanaa Wood

Address: : 2/60, 9th Street, Raghavanager, Madipakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu ¨C 600 091, India.
Mobile No:+(91)-9444042255

Rajanaa Wood: Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates , Wooden Cable Drums , Pallet Collars ,Heavy machinery Packers , ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings.

Established in the year 1996, Rajanaa Wood is engaged in the sphere of manufacturing and supplying a wide range of industrial packaging materials. These are available in form of wooden boxes, plywood boxes, wooden crates, wooden pallet, pallet collars, wooden pallet collars and others. These products are widely used in various packaging applications in packaging and machine manufacturing organizations. An SSI and ISPM certified organization, their dedicated production approach has helped to successfully execute 2 crores worth of orders during the last financial year. The product range includes Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates, Wooden Cable Drums, Pallet Collars, Heavy machinery Packers, ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings and Sea Worthy Packings.

Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates

Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates are manufactured by Rajanaa Wood. High grade wooden material is used to manufacture these Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates. Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates use high quality raw material. Wooden Boxes, Pallets and Crates give high customer satisfaction.

Wooden Cable Drums

Wooden Cable Drums of Rajanaa Wood are supplied in a wide range. To meet the requirements of wire and cable industry Wooden Cable Drums are specially designed. With the assistance of these Wooden Cable Drums the cables can be easily transported to various destinations. Wooden Cable Drums do not cause any defect to the cables.

Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars are designed to fit on pallets as container walls. Pallet Collars are hinged on the four corners for easy storage. As products fill the space inside the collar, additional Pallet Collars are added on top of each to obtain the optimum desired height. Pallet Collars offer Safe storage. Pallet Collars can also be used in any warehouse racking system. Pallet Collars can be made to fit any size of Pallet; Pallet Collars can also be made in varying heights as per the customer requirement. Galvanized or Paint finished MS Hinges are being used in the Pallet as Pallet Collars.

Heavy machinery Packers

Heavy machinery Packers are manufactured in a wide assortment. Heavy machinery Packers are used for various packaging applications, especially for heavy machines in various industries. Heavy machinery Packers are appreciated for their high strength and durability and widely demanded by our clients. Heavy machinery Packers show sturdiness, Heavy machinery Packers are water proof and Heavy machinery Packers offer safe storage.

ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings

ISPM 15 Certification is must for the usage of wood in ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings. Timbers / wood used for the purpose are being heat treated in a kiln.

The European Union (EU) implemented ISPM-15 ¡°as is¡± on March 1, 2005, making it the first major economic trading bloc to enact the standard. Concerned about the possibility of infestation posed by treated wood packaging material with bark on it, the EU proposed requiring that all solid wood packaging material sent to the EU be made from debarked wood. But the EU has agreed for now to implement ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings ¡°as is¡± without a debarking requirement.

The IPPC standard (ISPM-15) allows for two ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings treatment methods ¨C heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. Heat treatment of ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings will likely become the most popular method due to environmental concerns caused by methyl bromide used to fumigate packaging. The standard for ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Packings calls for heat-treated material to be heated to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This can be achieved by using a dry kiln or any other approved heat treatment chamber/device.

Akalsahai Wood Products

Akalsahai Wood Products

ddress: 101, Okhla Indl. Estate, Phase-III,
New Delhi ¨C 110020, India.
Phone: 91-11-26840050/26929129/40535626
Fax: 91-11-40535626/26929129
Mobile: +919810135626, +919810035626
Website: www.akalsahai.tradeindia.com

Akalsahai Wood Products: Wooden pallets, Wooden boxes, Wooden crates, Ply wood boxes, Export palletization as per ISPM.

Akalsahai Wood Products, incepted in 1981, are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. They are a trusted manufacturer of wooden packaging products as per ISPM 15. They as a company have a methodical approach coupled with expertise and experience. The list of customers satisfied with the products and sales are ever increasing. They manufacture products such as Wooden pallets, Wooden boxes, Boxes, Crates, Plywood Boxes, Skids, Wooden Drums, Wooden crates, Ply wood boxes and Export palletization as per ISPM. Along with this, we are also involved in manufacturing various types of packaging used for industrial, machinery, heavy type of packing and export quality packing. The most prominent products are, Wooden pallets, Wooden boxes, Wooden crates, Ply wood boxes, Export palletization as per ISPM.

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets of Akalsahai are of highest quality. Wooden pallets are made up of quality raw materials. These Wooden pallets are created by the best professionals. During the manufacture of the Wooden pallets, value of clients is kept in mind. Wooden pallets are used for packaging many products and equipment.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are manufactured which are used for packaging of various products. Wooden boxes help in safe transportation. These wooden boxes are available in various sizes. Wooden boxes can also be customized according the client¡¯s demands. For high strength loads, Wooden boxes can be used. Wooden boxes provide rigidity. When large size loads are to be managed, Wooden boxes are the solution.

Wooden crates

Wooden crates are perfect for shifting heavy goods over long distances. Light Wooden crates, Medium Wooden crates, Heavy Wooden crates, etc are different types of crates produced by Akalsahai. Wooden crates are usually big and strong containers. Though crates can be made of various materials like metal and plastic, Wooden crates are the best and most preferred.

Ply wood boxes

Ply wood boxes of a wide range are produced. These Ply wood boxes are made according to the specifications of the clients. Ply wood boxes made from the high grade ply wood are available. Ply wood boxes can bear heavy loads, changing weather situations and used over a long period of time. When the Ply wood boxes have good design and structure, they are proven to be safe. Ply wood boxes are a substitute to wooden boxes. Ply wood boxes are light to handle and minimize unnecessary weight.

Export palletization as per ISPM

Export palletization as per ISPM is designed according to the overseas buyers. Export palletization as per ISPM falls under 8 steps. Export palletization as per ISPM includes placing of pallets to the floor, arranging of cartons / material, wrapping with stretch film, assembling top with side plants, strapping with iron or plastic, stuffing and then finally latching. The company has also gained recognition as the manufacturer of heavy pallets which have weight capacity up to 1.5 tons.

Esteem Pallets

Esteem Pallets

Address: 9/5, Baktavatsalam Street, Tambaram-west, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India ¨C 600045.
Mobile No:
Company Website:http://www.esteempallets.net

Esteem Pallets : EPAL & EUR certified Euro pallets, Rubber Wood Boxes, ISPM-15 Heat Treatment,Silica Gel, EURO Pallet Collars.

Esteem Pallets are distinguished as one amidst the dependable EPAL Certified Euro pallets Manufacturers and Plywood Boxes Suppliers in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), also specializing in the dealing of Wooden Pallet Boxes. Their vast raw material acquisition from some of the best areas does not need any testimony. The products¡¯ quality and durability reflect on the finished materials. The company has an active presence with substantial client base that spreads across countries like USA, UK, Europe and Middle East. They are also acknowledged as one of the trusted EPAL Certified Euro pallets Suppliers. They have entered into an agreement to have a joint venture with Dansk Tr?emballage A/S (DTE), Denmark to distribute EPAL/EUR certified pallets manufactured by DTE and then to obtain license to make EPAL/EUR certified pallets. The product range includes EPAL Certified Euro pallets, Euro pallet collars Rubber Wood Boxes, ISPM-15 Heat Treatment, Silica Gel and EPAL EUR Pallets.

EPAL & EUR certified Euro pallets

EPAL Certified Euro pallets manufactured by DTE, Denmark (A license holder of European Pallet Association to affix EPAL & EUR certified pallets) distributed by Esteem Pallets show unmatched quality and high durability. As on date We are the only unit distributing these pallets imported from DTE, Denmark. EPAL Certified Euro pallets are light in weight. EPAL Certified Euro pallets are Durable and recycled in Europe and used multiple times and saves cost. EPAL Certified Euro pallets are made as per EPAL standard specifications and widely accepted in Europe. EPAL Certified Euro pallets ensure safety of products. EPAL Certified Euro pallets are available in 4 standard Sizes. Catering to the exact expectations of the clients, Esteem is making various sizes of pallets in Euro model to maintain high quality standards

Rubber Wood Boxes

Rubber Wood Boxes manufactured by Esteem Pallets cater to the bulk requirements of the national as well as international clients. Rubber Wood Boxes are made up of excellent quality wood in the manufacturing that ensures high durability and strength. They are enlisted as one amidst the forefront Rubber Wood Boxes Manufacturers, based in India. Wooden Boxes are provided to customers in varied sizes and dimensions as per the specifications provided. The range of heavy duty Rubber Wood Boxes and light duty Rubber Wood Boxes are available.

ISPM-15 Heat Treatment

ISPM-15 Heat Treatment is an international phytosanitary measure. ISPM-15 Heat Treatment was developed by the IPCC ¨C International Plant protection Convention. ISPM-15 Heat Treatment stresses on the need for wood materials to be treated before shipping them to other countries. The important purpose of ISPM-15 Heat Treatment is to prevent transport and spread of insects and diseases internationally. Esteem Pallets assure that ISPM-15 Heat Treatment of wood is done to make it high Standard and export ready. Along with ISPM-15 Heat Treatment they strictly abide by the company norms of ecological conservation and contribute tenfold towards nature and its elements. They have already obtained Government of India¡¯s accreditation to do Forced Hot Air Treatment for wooden packing materials as per ISPM-15 Heat Treatment standards with the approval No.HT-IN-153. Esteem is importing only debarked wood and Kiln dried lumber to make pallets. Their pallets with ISPM-15 Heat Treatment are accepted worldwide and regularly exported to Australia, USA, UK, Europe and entire Middle East countries.

Silica Gel

Silica Gel manufacturers, Esteem Pallets are highly reputed in the wholesale supplying of Silica Gel. The Dry Silica Gel, offered by them, complies with the international standards. Silica Gel is extensively used in applications like Desiccant, Chemistry and Cat Litter. The Silica Gel, offered by them, has attracted various national as well as international clients to place bulk orders. Additionally, customized Silica Gel Packets are also provided as per the specifications and drawings provided. Silica Gel is granular. Silica Gel is vitreous and highly porous. Silica Gel is available in 0.50 Kg and 1 Kg Packets and also in bulk.

EURO Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are another international product made by Esteem in India. Esteem exports most of its Pallet collars and multinational companies in India too are buying. This collars are also made in 4 different sizes to match 4 different standard Euro pallets. Like EPAL EUR Pallets, Pallet collars are also ideal for shipping material to Foreign Countries. Esteem¡¯s pallet collars confirms with ISPM Certification and export ready. Euro Pallet Collars, designed for practicality and convenience are made and exported by Esteem Pallets.

Sachdeva Business House

Sachdeva Business House

Address: Plot No. 151, Industrial Area, Phase-II Chandigarh ¨C 160 047, India.
Mobile No:+(91)-9216720854
Company Website:www.indiamart.com/sachdevabusinesshouse

Sachdeva Business House: Platform Trolley, Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Drum Loader with Stand,Wind Air Ventilators, Color Coated Roofing Sheet.

Established in year 2003, Sachdeva Business House is one of the distinguished Industrial Products Trading House of Industrial Machinery & Consumables such as Material Handling Equipments, Racking Systems, Turbo Ventilators, and Roofing sheets. Apart from these, they also offer repair & service of Industrial & Domestic Pumps alongwith Genuine Spares. With a well versed team of professionals, they are able to meet the diverse requirements of the clients within the stipulated time frame. Owing to a quality range, they have been able to garner repute in the market. The products include Platform Trolley, Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Drum Loader with Stand, Wind Air Ventilators and Color Coated Roofing Sheet.

Platform Trolley

Platform Trolley of very good quality using high quality raw material is manufactured by Sachdeva. Platform Trolley is available in standard size of 900 mm X 1200 mm. as well as custom made as per customer requirement. The Platform Trolley range of equipment is highly efficient and cost effective in nature. Further, Platform Trolley offers excellent features like durability corrosion resistance and high functionality.

Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Hydraulic Pallet Truck supplied is of reputed make. Hydraulic Pallet Truck has a capacity of 2,500 kgs and is suitable for ground to ground movement of palletized as well as non palletized loads. Hydraulic Pallet Truck is available with nylon and PU wheels. Hydraulic Pallet Truck is also, available in complete SS 316 for pharma and food processing industry. There is a huge client base for Hydraulic Pallet Truck.

Drum Loader with Stand

Drum Loader with Stand is manufactured using high quality raw material and is highly efficient and cost effective in nature. Further, It offers excellent features like durability, corrosion resistance and gives high functionality.

Wind Air Ventilators

Wind Air Ventilators have Zirconium Tip Single point spinning technology with extremely low friction. Wind Air Ventilators have U. V. protected FRP based plate. Wind Air Ventilators have Throat diameter of 24¡å and all aluminium construction. Wind Air Ventilators have Throat ring made of stainless steel. Wind Air Ventilators have 2 years Warranty (for Fan only). These high quality Wind Air Ventilators are manufactured as per globally accepted Japanese Technology.

Color Coated Roofing Sheet

Color Coated Roofing Sheet of Sachdev is the most versatile roofing product in the market and offers you both elegance and flexible design for any building need. The Regular modified polyester Coated Trapezoidal profile Color Coated Roofing Sheet is Alu ¨C Zinc coated AZ150, Coating thickness 18 ~ 20 microns (top), 5~7 microns Coating thickness (bottom) epoxy primer service coat, The sheet has Glossy finish and Tensile Strength 550 Mpa, and Total Coating Thickness (TCT) is 0.50m. Galvalume Roofing Sheet is also available with no color of TCT 0.47 mm.