Euro Pack

Europack Machines (India) Pvt. Ltd.

O f f i c e & F a c t o r y: 52, Bindal Industrial Estate,
Sakinaka, Andheri (East), Mumbai 72, India
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Euro Pack: Shrink wrapping machine, Special purpose vacuum forming machine, Flatbed, rotary blister packing machine, Blister cutting & sealing machine, Plastic waste recycling plant.

Euro Pack machines are used by various industrial segments across the globe. Vision of the company is to provide high quality goods and services to attain customer satisfaction. Company manufactured machines are technically superior and highly reliable in the field of thermoforming. Products manufactured by the company are guaranteed and provide trouble free performance. Euro pack works for development and manufacturing of thermoforming and special purpose vacuum forming machines for plastic industry, blister cutting & sealing machines for pharmaceutical industry apart from shrink wrapping machines and skin packing machines.

Shrink wrapping machines

Euro pack offers compact size high performance shrink wrapping machines. These shrink wrapping machines are robust in design and helps in reducing excessive material choosing. Company manufactured shrink wrapping machines can be used for long period of time efficiently. Cost effective shrink wrapping machines provide balanced heat distribution.

Special purpose vacuum forming machine

Special purpose vacuum forming machines provide plug assist arrangement along with the reducing frames made available by Euro pack. Robust special purpose vacuum forming machine is powder coated structure. The moulds of the special purpose vacuum forming machine is easily changed. Bathroom and kitchen cabinets, bath tubs, deep sinks, sanitary wares, tube light panels, street lamps, dash boards etc use this special purpose vacuum forming machines.

Flatbed, rotary blister packing machine

Euro pack flatbed, rotary blister packing machine is thermoforming machine with automatic forming sealing n trimming operations. The sealing technique used in flatbed, rotary blister packing machine ensures proper heat transfer to sealing layer. The trimming technique of flatbed, rotary blister packing machine uses different cutting machines depending on desired material and pack shape. In the rectangular flexible packs flatbed, rotary blister packing machine helps in two part cutting using cross knife or die punch. Flatbed, rotary blister packing machines can be applied in consumer goods like toys, tooth brushes, toiletries, engineering goods like bearings, drill bits, watched, pharmaceutical products like vials, ointment tubes, food products like honey, confectionaries etc.

Blister cutting & sealing machine

The blister cutting & sealing machine cuts, separates and trims individual blisters plastic and the formed blisters are easily sealed on to a support card or aluminum foil precoated with heat sealing lacquer. Easy operation of blister cutting & sealing machine helps increasing productivity. The mode of operation of blister cutting & sealing machines is shuttle type automatic and double drive motoried. Gross weight of the blister cutting & sealing machines is 250kgs.

Plastic waste recycling plant

Euro pack¡¯s plastic waste recycling plant designed has output ranging from 15-100 kgs.
This plastic waste recycling plant helps in utilizing waste resources to maximum. Heavy duty and robust construction of plastic waste recycling plant helps to conserve pollution free environment. Euro packs plastic waste recycling plant guarantees long and troubled free performance.