Imbal Stock SRL

Imbal Stock SRL

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Imbal Stock SRL ¨C Automatic Shrink Wrap packaging machines, Vertical form filling sealing machines, Strapping and Palletizing machines ,Integrate powder packing machine , Professional labeling System products

Imbal Stock develops and constructs series of automatic shrink wrap packaging machines that are user friendly, highly productive and excellent value for money. Imbal stock is the most innovative and technologically advanced company. It provides standard machinery with specialized tailor made systems to match customers¡¯ requirements. Combination of technology, experience and innovation based on total service concept is the methodological success of Imbal Stock.

Automatic shrink wrap packaging machines

Imbal stock¡¯s automatic shrink wrap packing machines are available in fully automatic machines, semi automatic machines and L-type sealer machines. Compact size and high efficiency are the key characteristics of automatic shrink wrap packaging machines. Real time output along with less power consumption makes automatic shrink wrap packaging machines customer centric.

Vertical form filling sealing machines

Vertical form filling sealing machines automatically complete measuring the product, conveying and feeding, filling and bag forming, date code printing, bag sealing and cutting. Specially used in food packaging vertical form filling sealing machines are designed to match the customer specifications. Vertical form filling sealing machines are of high quality and can be used for a long period. Pillow bag model, flat bottom model, D-bag, four side sealing and re-sealing ZIP are the varieties offered by Imbal Stock for vertical form filling sealing machines.

Strapping and palletizing machines

Strapping and palletizing machines of Imbal are highly efficient. Use of the strapping and palletizing machines help in eliminating strenuous working conditions. Product range for strapping and palletizing machines ranges from ROBO-BA-D, ROBO-AN 2, ROBO-AN-3, PAL-MNG, TP-601-L, TP-201-YS, and TP-601-D etc. there is a power supply of 230V/50 HZ in the strapping and palletizing machines. In the strapping and palletizing machines there is an electronic strap tensioning control.

Integrate powder packing machine

Integrate powder packing machines is applied for packing along narrow pouch either in powder granule or liquid form. Bag length of the integrate powder packing machine ranges from 50-150mm. format used for sealing integrate powder packing machines is either fin seal or envelope seal. The capacity of the integrate powder packing machines varies from 30-60 pcs/min. integrate powder packing machines provide optional filling devices like volumetric cup, powder auger filler and liquid pump.

Professional labeling System products

The range of professional labeling system products are T-12, T-11, T-10, AP-A3 and Doppia Etichetta. Professional labeling system products are of low cost and high performance. Latest technology makes professional labeling system products more user friendly for customers.